Resources to keep inspired, guide your speaking and help you achieve big dreams.

After you’ve heard me speak, I don’t want you to need to buy anything further from me. I want you to have all the inspiration and tools you need to get closer to what you were dreaming, feeling, and believing when you heard me on stage.

My gift to you – to extend on the magic of our time together – are these free resources. 

They’re free because they are awesome, not perfect. These are the tools and stories I’ve used to do what I do and, for me, they’ve worked just as they are – so I think they’re pretty awesome. But I also know that they’re not above iteration. Together, we can make them even better and give them even more potential to lift more people up to living their awesome.  There are billions of people out there so, if there’s anything that you pick up on that could be added, changed, or improved in these resources, please let me know. Your observations might just help someone else.


Dream Big Achieve More

As a speaker, I wanted to connect, move and inspire people that may never be in my audience. And I wanted to provide those who had seen me speak with a take-home that feels close to what they heard and helps them continue to feel inspired when the initial magic we felt in the room together begins to fade.  

This download of Dream Big Achieve More gives people a chance to experience my most popular talk on the page, and to ask themselves: “Who am I not to try?”

Out Speak The Speaker

I’ve seen the transformative power of seemingly small words and how they can inspire impressive actions. So if you’re someone who underestimates the profound value of your personal story, and the power that you words hold, then this book is for you. 

I’m passionate about public speaking – and sharing stories – but I also want to see people thrive in their own stories. Whether you find yourself tasked with delivering a single speech, or want to carve a path as a professional speaker, this workbook will guide you to see the value of your story and empower you to articulate it with conviction. It’s a journey towards becoming the most impactful speaker you can possibly be!

My steps to awesomeness

While everyone can dream, not everyone succeeds in taking those dreams and making them into reality. It might be daunting, but within our lives are stories of achievement that can fill us with confidence. 

This resource offers actionable steps towards your dreams that you can start today – from jotting down your vision, to building out your support networks with the right kinds of guides and mentors. Go forth and be even more awesome.