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Embrace your Awesome and exceed expectations

Goal Setting, Confidence, Resilience
By far my most popular talk, Dream Big Achieve More has a critical message: through relentless and tireless trying, so much more than we ever believed possible can be achieved. We’ve all had a dream, but too often our perceived realities get in our way. Some of these perceptions are real and valid – but so too are having speech and physical impairments! The lesson here is that we need not let things stop us - no adversity is an excuse to under-live your life. I present audiences with simple, lasting human truths, and leave you with steps and tools to ask yourself “Who am I not to try?”
Excellence, Attitude, Giving Back
Awesomeness is the ability not just to survive, but to thrive. It means aspiring to live each day to your personal best, pushing beyond yourself, and defying the impossible – that’s what Live for Awesome is all about. I’ve shifted my mindset from heavy depression to a healthy obsession with excellence, and embraced the idea that “If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me.” This shift has transformed my most significant perceived weaknesses – my walk and my talk – into my greatest strengths, and become my passport to making a meaningful difference. We are all personally accountable for what we create and can lean into our own possibilities.
Diversity, Inclusion, Ordinary to Extraordinary, Embrace Vulnerability
Diversity done well brings unity. In Bend Perception and Eliminate Assumptions, I use the magic of humour and storytelling to identify why difference is a good thing and how it can be used to ignite, inspire, and enhance any goal. Sometimes that means confronting the limitations that people create for themselves. Yet ultimately, attitude makes all the difference. By the end of this uplifting keynote, audiences will have the tools and lessons for a transformative mindset – and ultimately be able to see opportunities that they couldn’t see before.
Communication, Sales, Building the Team, Reimagine
Our success – what others may see as ‘luck’ – is a reflection of what we see, what we do, and what we create. In the keynote Turning Rejection into Affection, I’ll take people behind the scenes of how I raised NZ$4million from a dream on a piece of paper, how I became one of Australasia’s most frequently booked speakers, how I built a successful speaking business while having a ‘speech impediment’, and how I then climbed all 19,000 feet of Kilimanjaro. Audiences will push past the boundaries of what they perceive is possible and leave inspired to chase big goals and make their mark too.
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I see events that I’m part of as a place for people to come together, strengthen networks, get the information and resources they need to become more awesome at what they do. My role is to then bend perception of what is possible and inspire people to go on and exceed expectations.

I get people laughing, I get them crying, sometimes they’re laughing and crying at the same thing. But ultimately people leave believing that they can achieve more and that is awesome!

Together, let’s dream bigger and and achieve even more.

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