When life throws us a curveball

When life throws us a curveball there are three things I have found that will serve us well; humour, strength and balance.

Recently I was speaking at the MAS (Medical Assurance Society) Talks in Dunedin. The audience was medical professionals from diverse fields of medicine and serious academics. I was there as the closing speaker for the night.

Now as many readers of this blog will know I have had know formal training in the fields of psychology or machine, I’m just a guy who shares with others my personal stories and experiences growing up in a great country with Cerebral Palsy which is not yet de rigueur and means facing some interesting challenges on a daily basis.

I digress, back to the event.

Speaker one was Dr. Hong Sheng Chiong; creating quality medical technology to prevent blindness. 

Speaker two was Professor Cliff Abraham; Co-Director, Brain Research NZ

Speaker three was… ME; live for awesome!

Their presentations blew me away, obviously leading authorities in their field of expertise my mind began to boggle. These guys were undeniably awesome!!!

My presentation went well and as my thoughts turned to where to get a good burger in Dunedin, it was then that the curveball was thrown.

We were to form a PANEL for QUESTION TIME!

Dr. Hong Sheng Chiong to my left, Professor Cliff Abraham to my right. They were asked about restoring sight to people in the developing world and cures to Alzheimer’s I was asked “Cam, as you were speaking I felt the Atoms of my body positively firing, is that going to transfer into how I view things on a daily basis?”

Atoms? Transfer? I asked myself as the sweat dripped from my brow.

The following day I asked my science buddies about this and they said MRI’s show up excitement in the brain as bright light areas when viewed. When the brain recognises pleasure, excitement, fear, etc. bright patches show up due to the excitement of Atoms. When we convey positivity and elements of awesomeness to people the mind responds to the physical reaction and shifts perceptions within.

I was a glad that in the moment I simply responded to the question with “that’s what I’m here to do”.

So to all get through this thing called life as awesomely as possible let’s bring on increased vibrations on an Atomic level by making people feel GREAT!

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