Ticking off the bucket list

“You have a great vision, you know what you’ve got, you know what you want, but you identify your lack of desired outcomes buy saying ’someday I’m going to succeed”. A teacher shared these words with me once I’d come out of a life-slump but still wasn’t really living! 

A lot of people know they have potential, they get accolades, they get acceptance, they are told how good they are, how great they are, because of the dreams they speak to seek, their plans and processes open doors but they can get stuck there and the bigger dreams fade away.

For me I have my BIG dreams, but I have my mini-dreams to, dreams that are commonly referred to as ‘the bucket list’.

For me 2018 has been about seriously putting ticks on the bucket list, because while on paper they excite people, they receive great compliments, until they they have ticks beside them I’m living in my potential but behind my desired dreams, justified by the words…"someday I’ll do it", but this blocks something else for been accomplished.

Recently I ticked some ink that had been on my bucket list for five years or more ’SKYDIVE’. It was not scary, but nor was it as enjoyable (at the time) as I thought it was going to be. I’ve never been a fan of wind blowing in my face, and when falling from 15,000 feet at 200 km/hr, the wind was suffocating. I was not prepared for that… but I jumped out of that plane, I fell through the sky, I flew to my landing and that was AWESOME!!!!

So why was this worth the ink on my bucket list, why was it one of the most rewarding experiences of my life? Because to me a successful life is not about routine, it’s not about staying in the comfort-zone and it’s not about knowing what potential I have. A successful life is about been adaptable, stepping out of the comfort-zone and achieving beyond the potential that lives within.

Before the jump it felt cool that I could even consider it, it was nice hearing things like “you’re brave to want to do that”, “if you could do that you could do anything”. To have actually done it really does make anything possible now.

Sometimes our desired success and ‘bucket list’ activities can feel so far away, and while plans and processes will keep us busy, there accomplishment will often arise through doing something radical.

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