Staying motivated


How do we motivate ourselves to keep going? To keep going when life throws us obstacles? Let’s face it when we build our dreams / our lives unpredictability is gong to happen. Maybe we wake up on the day of a presentation not feeling to well, maybe we wake up on a Monday with self-inflicted tiredness, or maybe we’re super excited about the next activity on the calendar, thing is time keeps ticking, deadlines are due and ultimately we thrive through delivery.

Inspiration comes externally, motivation lives within. These are some things I’ve picked up on to keep our motivation flowing:

Why do we do what we do?: As a kid born with Cerebral Palsy Physiotherapy was a routine to which (as a kid) I saw no purpose. The medical staff would say things like “but Cam this will help you when you’re an adult”, the only thing is I was a kid and I wanted to do what other kids did and that didn’t mean going to the hospital. And then I got into Athletics with the dream of representing New Zealand and I quickly found that the stronger I could get, the more flexible I was the faster I would be. I now had a reason for doing my Physiotherapy. Why do you do what you do?

Share your dreams and have accountability: The hungry person who doesn’t open their mouth stays hungry. By creating a community around dreams we are no longer getting up for just ourselves but those who we want to believe in our vision. Our vision may be made up of things that keep us accountable; meetings, deadlines, due dates, use those and the people who love, care and cherish you to keep pushing.

What do you want to be able to do in life? We can get pre-occupied with who we are, a tittle, a job description, a profession, but sometimes we don’t feel like that name on out business card. When we know what we want to be able to do in life we can get up, we can find inner strength and indeed we do succeed.

Some people think there is a secret to living an inspired life, as cliché as it may sound the secret / the motivation is within you. You may embrace this article, or you may question it and that’s because we are all unique, but what can unite us is our ability to dream and create, taking it beyond a vision and into a results.  

Dream big, achieve more

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