Slip, slop, slap and SCRIBE: The four S’s of the season

As one season comes to an end and a new one begins it’s a great time to reflect and evaluate; what are the things we’ve enjoyed seeing? What would we like to see more of? What can we do in regards to our perspective to create that? Over the years of mentoring and speaking I’ve come to really appreciate a few well practiced approaches for seeing more of what we want.

Draw / write / create the vision: The power of visualisation can not be underestimated. I remember a mentor of mine sharing this with me. I wrote goals on some paper as a 21 year old and even though it was months and then years between looking at that paper it was awesome how many things were achieved. If we capture our vision with enough passion and belief the map towards accomplishment is created.

Mentors: One of the greatest compliments we can give someone is letting them know how awesome they are and that in some way they achieve what we want to see in us. Sharing thoughts of admiration often leads to receiving a nugget of wisdom. Once we’ve used that nugget let the mentor know what was accomplished with it, chances are they’ll share another nugget.

Be creative and trust the steps that we could let us see more of what we want: Everything we get is a reflection of what we do…simple as that. I remember the season that I was speaking in Auckland, Brisbane, Melbourne and Vancouver. When I set the goal of speaking throughout the world some people thought it was greatly aspirational (impossible) and indeed I even thought it was a stretch until I identified steps I could create and climb; 1. What is the most globally recognised city? New York. 2. When did I want to be in New York? July 2015. 3. Book airline ticket. 4.Contact people in New York to let them know I’m coming. 5. Leverage everything that came as a result

These steps were all at my fingertips and all of a sudden the dream of speaking throughout the world didn’t seem so impossible. Every completed step has led to another step.

Seek out media that inspires: Sometimes we wake up or have a moment where we just feel crap. Some of us turn on the news as the first and last activity of the day and see alot of destruction, chaos and things alike. Fortunately though we have social media and websites where we can choose what we see and if we don’t like it, don’t follow it. Starting the day with the likes of a 20 minute speech from , or scrolling the feed of your favourite human can turn the crap we feel into fertiliser for growing the most awesome oak from within.

So as we slip, slop, slap our way through summer let’s take a bit more time to scribe; our vision, who we can learn from, the steps we can create and take, the media and stories that see us absorbing more of what we want.

Enjoy your awesomeness.


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