“Cam’s energy is infectious, his positivity is inspiring, his story is captivating.”

 Every single day Cam Calkoen is confronted with a reality where he has the choice to focus on what he can’t do or to dream big, achieve more, and create his most awesome life. In being born with Cerebral Palsy Cam was told that his biggest challenges in life would be both the way he walks and the way he talks. In choosing to live with an opportunity centric perspective and letting that fill his ‘backpack of belief’ he is a living example that life really is what we make it – perspective is power!

Through his experiences as a high-performance athlete, charitable fundraiser, social entrepreneur and becoming an award winning speaker, Cam is at the forefront of today’s new generation of inspirational speakers and is one of the most in demand and highly respected speakers from New Zealand. After speaking on the TEDx platform about how ’small words inspire big action’ in 2015, Cam has gone on to speak an average of 100 times per year throughout the world.

The fact that Cam chose to extend himself way out of his comfort zone to have done the two things doctors said he would never be able to do, and to a very high level (running & speaking) means the message he delivers is very powerful and unique. In a few words “Cam delivers a message that inspires people to believe things are possible way beyond their thinking”.

Through his anecdotal stories and poignant life lessons Cam gets people laughing, crying, sometimes they’re laughing and crying at the same thing, but ultimately people leave believing that they can achieve more and that is awesome! 

Inspired by life and people whose influence result in phenomenal things, Cams keynotes bring inspiration and entertainment around core themes that are fundamental in today’s environment.  

In the last ten years, Cam has presented to hundreds and thousands of people from all walks of life around the world. From SME’s in New Zealand, to sales conferences in Australia, Association events in the Pacific, financial advisory conventions throughout Asia, Schools in Canada and Corporates across Europe. Yet,  once upon a time he was told that speech would be his biggest challenge, but Cam believed in his dreams, strategies, tactics and team to make speech his passport to traveling the world and collaborating with people, organizations, businesses that believe in exceeding expectations. 

So if you and your people could achieve anything, what would it be? How would you feel? What do you have to do? Let Cam tailor a keynote based around your most desired results for your next event and experience an awesomeness that is sure to see everyone dreaming big and achieving more! 


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You’re assured of a massive dose of awesomeness where my job, my passion, my role is to bend perceptions as to what is possible. I get people laughing, maybe even crying… sometimes they’re laughing and crying at the same thing, but ultimately people leave believing that they can achieve more and that is awesome!

I tailor my presentations to ensure that I cover what is most important to you and your desired outcomes from having me speak with your people.

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Cam. Not many speakers can bring so much aroha to a conference, and the amount of people you had in tears and laughter is tribute to the wonderful mahi you do. Please keep doing it!!!!!

Jacque Allen

Learning Environments New Zealand

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