Connection, Inspiration and Happiness.

Award Winning Certified Professional Speaker

On a recent flight I had an awesome talk with the man beside me about inspiration, connection, challenge and attitudes within the world. Speaking about the power of communication to eliminate assumption we got to the point where he said, “You could probably talk to anyone on this plane and they would accept you, I wouldn’t have the same luck.”

As I was thinking “Why?”, I could see him thinking the same thing, he then said that himself. Through a few simple words two strangers who couldn’t appear more different connected within seconds of a few words being spoken and heard.

Don’t be scared of the unknown, take an adventure with it as through that there is already more to gain.

36 hours later, I was writing on a Turkish carpet, drinking the blackest of coffee accompanied by the sweetest of treats that looked a bit like a white bait fritter – Kunefe and Baklavas. Around me is a melting-pot of culture which if I turned on the news would be represented through anger, hate and disgrace, but here all seems rather euphoric. I see friends shaking hands saying “How are you?” Friends connected through common interests, not race or religion, and in exchange what they’re really saying is “I love you”.

I bet you’re quietly humming that great Louis Armstrong song in your head now too, right? 

In a world of progression and celebration of excellence it is easy to prioritise the well publicised steps towards success; education, potential, hard-work, commitment, passion, but in parallel to this comes a strengths based approach for discovering one’s truest awesomeness. An awesomeness that unites the inner beauty through things the mind needs for survival; happiness, inspiration, challenge and connection.

It is through the simplicity of sharing that we connect. Initially we may be challenged by what we see but when curiosity of the unknown intrigues us to look further we gain insights to challenge connection, inspiration and happiness.

It is within us all to change the world and what we see on the news, and through roaming the world we just might make discoveries that takes our inner awesomeness to new levels.

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