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During May 2018 I was in the most beautiful part of the world… Queenstown!

With the autumn leaves the hills were covered in shades of orange, red, and yellow, and with a dusting of snow like icing on top of a cake. It was truly majestic and calm, at which point I decided to do one of the most un-calm things ever… a bungy jump!


As the road weaved through this majestic paradise I saw a sign I’d seen many times before: ‘AJ Hackett – Fear less. Live more’. Previously my eyes would just scan the sign and return to the road but this time I heard my little voice within saying “just do it”. And that was that.!

The next minute I found myself walking from my car down a spiral staircase to see what’s involved to do this “crazy thing”. The lady who welcomed me with more energy then a shaken can of ‘V’ said:

“You can do it at 2:30 or you can do it now!”

I figured the less time I had to think about this the better so I went for NOW.

When the voice within me yelled “CAM WHAT THE HELL” I chose to trust the process. After all, these guys do 150 – 200 jumps a day, 7 days a week, and have been doing that for longer than I’ve eve been alive.  So in my knowing their process was right, it was then just about controlling me and my own emotions (and fears) about what I was about to do.

My legs got bound together…

The bungy  cord was attached…

“3…2…1….bungyyyyyyy!” and what the heck!?

It all seemed to happen so fast, that almost before I knew it I was fee-falling from a bridge!

I did it. I did what I thought would be impossible, and it was extremely weird, but then there was a calm, and clarity. I’d dominated my fear to become the king of my courage… and this is the thing about a lot of “scary” things; it’s about trusting the the process, proving the process works. And then questioning where else could I step outside my comfort zone to realise something new, something more about me, something awesome!

Upon leaving Bungy HQ and continuing with my drive through majestic snow capped mountains I was given what appeared to be a broken piece of bungy, a foot long piece of bound rubber bands (photographed). As I looked at it I saw similarities between the piece of bungy and us (mankind). Individually we are quite versatile, we can change shape, we can go got back to our original shape, we can hold stuff together, we can stretch, but if we take on to much we can snap…just like a rubber band can to. BUT, if we work together like the hundreds and thousands of rubber bands that make up a piece of bungy, when we build a proven process we can focus on creating a truly awesome experience!

What jump could you take if you trusted the process?

Dream big!

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