Staying Brave

Life is one awesome journey and on it we can come across people who question why they do what they do. Many of these people have the potential to be or are already leaders, trail blazers and there's a reason they find themselves in this place, it's because it's not easy to take on what has not done before. Sometimes there’s misunderstanding or feelings of loneliness and doubt, that the journey is not what was imagined, but these are nothing new and for the people who achieve great things and the world has a way of making way for those who know where they’re going.

I often hit points in my life that are no where in line with what I have imagined, and in these times I remember stories of great individuals to find the strength to keep going.

  • The business leader who traveled the world for 30 minute meeting that did go to plan, but he kept going back till it did.
  • The athletes who fall one day and won the next.
  • The iconic people of the world who will be long remembered for their positive contribution, people of whom we don’t forget the adversity they’ve had to rise above.

As a New Zealand Speaker with an international dream of speaking on the worlds biggest platforms I remembered stories like this when I was in the USA putting on my own speaking events and seeing only a few people turn up, but the small turn-out didn't mean I'd failed I just had to re-position myself in a way that got people in the door.

Digging deep to find out how to make a career in the USA isn’t just about making it there, it’s about making it in the world. I’ve learnt that when we step into the unknown we learn things fast, to survive we have to embrace those learning’s and leverage the experience. Leveraging the positives is how I got invited to speak at a conference in Canada and now be speaking all over this world.

If there's one thing we can hope to keep hold of staying ‘brave’ is it. Sounds simple but to often people see a setback as a failure and so they don't do it again. Staying brave when things do not turn out as planned allows us to see opportunities and create an awesome life.

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