School athletics day – it’s for everyone

This morning I was invited into the staff room of Westlake Girls High School to put a little further inspiration in the bellys of the staff ahead of their school athletics day.

School sporting events happening around the country are either loved or loafed, personally I’m a lover. However this wasn’t always the case in fact quite the opposite, the name alone school athletics day would send shivers of horror down my spine. It was competitive, social standings were on display, and quite frankly a distraction from more important things. Yet there was something beneath this that appealed, the strength and power of participants, the sports jacket for those who attended, the reality that those who went to school to do just one thing were missing out on something bigger. I didn’t wan to miss out any more but inside my head was a little voice saying “but what will people think, what may they Say”. Thankfully my clas-mate said “just do it, what have you got to lose?” These words are so true and could come from anyone who saw school sports day as something more than for the elite or gifted. It’s an OPPORTUNITY, something to encourage and embrace. Education is about fueling mind, body and soul. School education is the start of the journey and an environment to grow. Ultimate growth comes from stepping outside our comfort zone and swapping what have I got to lose? To, what have I got to gain?

The start gun at the school athletics day could be the start to a new chapter in your life as it was for me. In the years since my athletics day I went on to travel the world as an athlete, set up a youth mentoring program, meet some incredible people, evolve a passion for public speaking and create a life of love, passion, pride and excellence.

To be the person you’ll become there are many influences but among those influences are switches that re-route the journey, for me it was the school athletics day. Often these switches come when we least expect but when we prepare to embrace a challenge and just do it!

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