Happiness and Christmas

I woke up to the sound of Pharrell’s song ‘happy’ playing this morning. With a deadline looming the vibe of this song was in stark contrast to my own feelings. I was desperately wishing there were more than 24 hours in a day to get me through my work.

With Santa Claws back on his usual perch on Queen Street I imagined that at this time of year he to was facing deadlines, workshop stress and pressure. I set about considering how to get some Santa “yo ho ho” attitude back in the house. It was a magazine article that came to my rescue. Bankruptcy expert Sir Roger Cork once observed that he always knew a company was in trouble when its CEO claimed always to be busy, busy, busy. The ideal boss should, Cork said, allow time for his or her mind to go wondering or better yet, should settle down to a Suckling Pig and finish up with a glass of Vino.

So off I went up to Long Bay Café substituting Suckling Pig with Pancakes and a glass of Vino with a cup of Mocaccino, allowing my thoughts to go wondering and nailing me deadline.

The upcoming holiday season is our opportunity to embrace the festivities and downtime to break from routine and deadline pressure to appreciate what comes from relaxation.

So what do Clark and Santa have in common? Well remember that while Santa delivers gifts to children around the world he still takes some time to eat a mince pie, sip some sherry and reenergize his reindeer with a carrot or two.

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