Dog Playing Catch

The other day I’m in my office that over looks a whole lot of empty land plots. I see this car pull up and a couple get out with their dog because it’s the perfect place for their dog to play catch with a ball, for the dog its game time, it’s wagging it’s tail, barking with its front paws of the ground.

Have you ever wondered why a dog gets so much joy out of chasing a ball? Neither have I.

But I bet that just like this dog playing catch we’re walking pass symbols of inspiration every single day and not always seeing it. Inspiration isn’t just found in the people we meet but it’s found in our environment. It’s found in things in plants, objects, nature, animal like dogs and all sorts of things.

This dog must run for the ball 30ish times, no matter how far it’s thrown the dog goes for it, it’s catching the same ball, returning it to the same person, and is wagging it’s tail with excitement every sing time it’s owner goes to throw the ball.

Do we remember how exciting it was when we found those things that just give us so much joy?

How many of those things still provide the same measure of joy today? How many balls did we once have that we still love to chase, and the answer for many of us is probably none.

Unlike the dog we keep expanding our horizons, our attention get’s focused on all kinds of different things all throughout out life because we grow, and we evolve and the dog doesn’t do that to the same extent so what happens is we need to find alternate sources of inspiration to stay motivated.

When I see the dog chasing the ball, for me that’s just one other source of inspiration to remind me that there are things in life that we should treasure with the same level of excitement as that dog treats that ball, and when we find those things;

  • Let’s be as inspiring as that dog chasing the ball.
  • Let’s be focused and not let anything get in the way, the dog didn’t care about anything other than what he was there to do.
  • Let’s stretch ourselves and be pushed, no matter how far the ball was thrown the dog always got it.

When we do these things, when we aim to achieve our personal best we may just become the unexpected inspiration in the eyes of people who are watching.

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