Diversity, leadership and friendship

This week the awesomeness started in the majestic hall of Auckland’s Diocesan School for girls. This school that ‘encourages one to become more than they imagined’ are growing a community who are been introduced to leadership and diversity through a wonderful week that positively challenges mind, body and soul. For the past two years I’ve felt honored to grace their hall and speak as part of this program.

How is it that leadership and diversity awareness fall under the same umbrella? To be a leaders, a champion, elite of any kind or simply awesome, we’ve got to be as confident in others as we are ourselves, we’ve got to see hope and possibility, strength over weakness and opportunity when others are blinded by challenge.

I started with this wonderful video:

Then challenged with the question of what we would see if we saw the wheelchair first? Would we see the athlete? The friend? The parent? The teacher? The reality is that through giving someone / anyone an opportunity to share their ATTITUDE our mind then educates our perception. Often we wait until a name is up in lights before we celebrate ones success to conquer diversity, again I challenge us all to light up someone’s day by seeing them for who the could be and what they could achieve.

I appreciate it is nothing new for conversations around leadership and diversity to combine under one roof, but it really does excite me that by talking about them together we can reach a more positive solution toward attitude adjustment. Difference is a good thing infect my belief is that all have championed to become iconic (in some way) have to some degree embraced diversity. They’ve understood that a true belief toward true excellence is achieved through embracing what has not yet been done. To try something new you have to be confident to think outside the square. It is this difference that gets noticed in this world.

If I were 15 or 55 I’d be encouraging myself to define what makes me different, to celebrate this difference to then lead myself and others toward new horizons of human potential.  We live in a truly marvelous world and we have one life to make it excellent. Live with no regrets, we don’t need to be friends to everyone but everyone deserves the chance for their potential friendship to be seen. 

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