Creating luck – speak your dreams

I want to kick things of with a thought about that four letter word we use when things are good and bad, it rhymes with truck, buck, and duck that’s right I’m thinking about ‘LUCK’ and how it comes about. Luck isn’t so much something that happens to us more a reflection of what we see, what we do and what we create. In my capacity as an Inspirational Speaker I meet people who share their stories of luck, occasionally there are the situations which were totally out of their control such as diagnosed with a disease or winning lotto but even with these the quality of life often comes as a reflection what they see, what they do, what they create.

Meet Mathew Walzer a 16 year old living with Cerebral Palsy. Going into his final years of college he didn’t want to be embarrassed and ashamed of the inability to do up his own shoes. Wanting to be able to wear “cool shoes” and gain independence he writes a letter and shares his experience with the biggest shoe company he knows…Nike. Inspired by Matthews letter and a string of events Tobie Hatfield (a designer at Nike) realizes the power they have as a company to not just see athletes perform better, run faster, jump higher but see all people perform better just in the sense of quality of life. The result is the Nike FLYEASE a slip on shoe that when done up looks like any other basketball boot…totally awesome!!!

Mathew was given the first pair of Nike FLYEASE, he met NBA Basket-baller LeBron James, and people see him as lucky. He is but only because he saw a gap, did something about it and there was a creation. The perceived glamour is the well deserved “cherry on top”.

Mathews story Segway’s beautifully into the thought of sharing our biggest dreams with the biggest names we know to produce a result that others may perceive as lucky. If we want to see something, do something, create something, don’t be afraid to speak our dreams to people we know are qualified through skills, networks and passion to get us on our way. If we want to be the best dancer, contact the best, if we want to be the best Lawyer contact the best, if we want to be the best entrepreneur, then reach out. Take away the mental obstacles such as wealth, fame, status, age and distance, and build a report around legacy and living with intention. The brands (be it a person or company) that sustain excellence through the seasons of life operate through the motivation of legacy and intention. It is here that the seemingly impossible becomes the new cool.

Success breads success and everything has a beginning. So let’s forget about ‘can’t’, ‘don’t’, ‘won’t’, let’s not see luck as magic but a result of action, and see this moment go from good, to great, to awesome!

In a wrap to what this was all about what we do and what we don’t do influences who we be. Who we be influences the world we see and if we look at the world not as “me” but as “we” then what a special place it can be. 

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