Can greatness be achieved through not having a plan?

I remember been in a workshop and presented with the question. Can greatness be achieved through not having a plan? First up, what defines greatness? This is different for everyone, to cover it all I believe it to be striving toward a personal best. Whether you’re a student, thought leader, athlete, plumber, salesperson this will define our greatness.

We need a plan to provide a spine to what can be achieved. Purely and simply if your not pushing the boundaries you don’t know what greatness could be achieved.

When I started as an athlete I thought my days would be made up of training, eating, competing, massage…sounds pretty good and indeed it was but through this other possibilities came upon the horizon. The possibilities transpired into greatness (mentoring, speaking, traveling, friends) that had not been planned but wouldn’t have been presented if it wasn’t for a plan.

There’s another question that arises from this and that is what are your values? I believe that if you know what you value in life the prospect to then see opportunities increase. Before my athletic days I didn’t have a clear goal in terms of measurability, but I knew I wanted to make a difference, that I want to embrace who I am, to connect and network, to see others believing.

Have a plan, know your values and you will achieve both the greatness you expect and the greatness you reap. 

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