Becoming a citizen of awesomeness

The other week I was in a conference watching some truly great names tell their stories and be interviewed on how to build, lead and leave great teams. I guess the ultimate desire of an event like this was to inspire everyone to consider their role in society and what it takes to truly be a citizen of awesomeness!

Within the conference were stories we’ve come to know, learn and respect but what stood out for me was something so simple yet beautifully powerful. As the day was coming to an end, lollie bowls were been filled and the air conditioning turn down a degree or two to ensure people would stay awake as the final act took to the stage; a panel discussion which included a true champion of a leader, a leader that people would undoubtedly seek a photo with. As the discussion took place the guy that everyone came to see and hear got a croak in his throat and it was obvious he wanted / needed some water, so he stood up, walked over to the water table, poured a glass for the other four people in the panel including the guy conducting the interview, poured himself a glass and then took it back to his seat, with as little disruption as to what was happening in the room. Equally this person could have easily, politely and successfully asked for a glass of water, but he decided not just to get it for himself, but understand that if he wanted it, others probably did to. 

  • Becoming a citizen of awesomeness is attained through been able to feel, observe and serve.
  • True admiration is not in the big steps that put us on top of a podium but in the small steps that build the foundation. 
  • Our podium reaches high into the sky not through what we assume but through what we are willing to learn.
  • And excellence, true / world class excellence, the stuff that puts us into the league of ‘the greats’ is accomplished when we can remove limiting assumptions and focus on individual strengths.

It’s truly amazing what we learn from stepping outside the day-to-day and into a space of growth and development. As I stepped into this conference I didn’t know what to expect from sitting in the room and my biggest takeaway came from the most unexpected thing but maybe this is a core element to continual growth, looking to fuel what lives within through an observation of lives around us.  

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