Awesomeness in Manawatu

Innovative leadership includes seeing others fulfill their potential and become more than they ever imagined. As a speaker I feel honored to become a part of a leaders vision every time I’m invited to speak – AWESOME!

Kevin Bills is an individual I consider a leader. Originally a farmer in the Manawatu he packaged the magic of sight into a photography business that has become responsible in capturing moments for Toyota New Zealand, various companies and events throughout the country.

After meeting through the lens of his Camera Kevin asked if I’d be available to speak at an event put on by the Palmerston North BNI group (Business Network International).

Traditionally an over breakfast network this group was inspired to put on an evening event that would further stimulate the motivation of its members, family, children and wider community. By selling tickets they filled a clubroom within the Manawatu Golf Club with 120 passionate and eager individuals.

This was the first time this event had happened, the first time many would come to hear from an Aucklander they did not know, the first time some youth would give up an hour of their time to do the same as their parents, and the first time I spoke at an event where I WAS the event.

Why did Kevin invite me? Why did BNI agree? Why did we all do what had not been done before?

“Cam, I’d just like to say thanks for giving me the opportunity to listen to your talk today at the golf club. I got dragged along by my Mum an Dad to listen to what I thought was going to be boring and an hours waste of my life, may I say that that hour would be the most inspirational and intriguing hour to this date and that if I had a million dollars I wouldn't hesitate to spend every cent on getting you to talk to my school. Your story's have given me motivation to make myself a better person, because I'm the opposite to motivated and your speech not only made me look at myself differently but made me want everyone to feel as awesome as I did at the conclusion of this night.”

The profits from the night generously became a donation of $650 from BNI to the YES Disability Resource Centre of which I’m so incredibly proud to be an Ambassador. This donation will contribute toward the stories of young New Zealanders living with extra-ordinary challenges.

To hear words like this, to see the generosity between strangers, to connect on a level of emotion above anything else is why I do what I do! You ask me what the most magical thing is in the world and this is it, it’s not what we can make disappear, but what appears when we least expect it, when we leave opinions at the door to be moved, connected and inspired.

Margaret Mead famously said “a small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has”. Everyone who makes events happen echos this mantra. The beauty of humanity showcases that through desire, belief, commitment and focus we can take the action to dream big and achieve more!

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