Riding on the back of a blind tiger

“In the past 15 years that I’ve been working, I’ve called myself “a blind man riding on the back of a blind tiger. Those experts riding horses, they all fell. We survived because we worried about the future. We believed in the future. We changed ourselves” – Jack Ma

Sometimes in life we get presented with opportunities or we have thoughts and we’ve just got to go for them on what we positively feel and believe rather that wait for the perfect time. Earlier this year I was sitting around with my good friend Joe. Joe has done incredible things in business and always wanted to be a speaker, a coach, a mentor. I’ve never seen him operate in any of these capacities but every time I am around him I feel inspired and appreciate his unique and inspired ways of looking at the world. I trusted my gut and was impressed by the fact that as soon as he decided he’d wanted to be a speaker he had a speaking gig 1 month later in L.A at an event with 500+ leaders from the freighting world. Joe is the master of shooting then aiming and in this fast moving world it is this that creates the perfect result – a journey of discovery, if we always do what we know, then we don’t know what we could become.

As soon as Joe and I saw the potential of working together we dreamt the dream of what we could achieve… working in L.A and NYC (America). With that we bought our tickets and simply worked backwards from the most desired result which in turn formed the company ‘Perception Lab’, saw us presenting at conference in New Zealand, organised meetings, established events and at the time that this column is published we will be in the United States of America doing things we’ve never done together in a place we’ve never been together, but driven by a vision we truly believe ‘enhancing what people see’.

Is this scary? Heck yes, but from the words of Jack Ma (Alibaba's visionary-in-chief) maybe trusting what we know rather than been able to see everything is our biggest strength; in worrying about what we don’t have we’ve grown greater confidence in what we do have (it’s the only option), we started with the future we believed in and everything else fell into place, along the way not everything has worked but through trial and error comes innovation and change and it is these things that keep us all on the edge, and on the edge rather than on the plateau, on the tiger rather than on the horse is a more exciting place to be.

So what does it look like when we all embrace those opportunities that are in front of us today and while we desire for a successful result as a true measure of our efforts, it is the ride of the journey that builds our everyday life and provides excitement for the hour, day, week, month, year ahead.

Enjoy your awesomeness.

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