Laugh more, worry less

The other day I’m out on my mountain bike thinking about this column and what it is that I could write. As you can imagine deep thinking combined with the speed of mountain biking and tight tracks can be risky business but creativity doesn’t come through forced processes, more one where we are relaxed, when we’re doing the things that bring us the most joy. Passion brings about a sense of clarity, and when we are in our element truly awesome things do happen.

So I’m thinking do I write about my 4×4 experience to Cape Reianga, the dolphin that leaped over my kayak, or waking up on January 1st to a stream running around my tent. But then I remind myself this isn’t Facebook, this isn’t a place for creating ‘wish you were here moments’. So I then think what is a column, why am I here, and why do I do what I do? How do I use this space to stay true to my values of; bending perceptions, dreaming big and living for awesome? My discovery is that this is a place for minds to be filled and communities inspired and it’s great to be part of that, this is a place for people who share our beaches, who share our streets, parks, shops and neighbourhoods to share what they love and for us all to connect with more reasons to adore this place we get to call home.

The Shore is simply neat and everyday we wake we want to remind ourselves that it’s a good day to have a good day. We have an abundance of opportunities that can lead to us finding the things that give us a real sense of clarity. On the Shore we can become anyone we want if we are prepared to truly believe and believing isn’t passive it’s active:

  • We’ve got to be training: Walt Disney once said if we can aim to get 1% better every sing day we would have recreated ourselves ever 100 days.
  • We’ve got to be committed: Decide what we want to be extraordinary in and don’t let anything distract us.
  • We’ve got to keep going: Once we turn the tap on an opportunity we’ve got to keep catching the opportunities rather than let them absorb into the ground.

As we head back to school and / or reflect on the first month of 2016 are we where we really want to be? Do we know what we are doing? And are we embracing everything that is on offer?

2016 is your year, it’s my year, it’s the Shores year to be truly awesome and quite possibly the most awesome yet. So be sure to do more of what makes you happy and enjoy becoming the very best version of you.

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