Clarifying dream the dream

I often use the term ‘dream the dream’ so I thought it was time to clarify what I mean by it in my work as a speaker:

  • In our sleeping dreams anything is possible, so why not make this the case in our waking dreams.
  • If you’ve never started or attempted something one thing’s for sure, you wont be very good at it.

Nothing and no one is excluded from a dream. In a dream anything is possible. To be on a safari in Africa – or falling in love whilst flying with wings over the Niagara falls in Canada – or entering a Pharos tomb – or fending off tigers on the London underground. At no point in your sleeping dreams does the intellect or ‘self ‘ kick in and ask the devastating question we constantly ask ourselves in waking time.

“How good am I at this?”

I often share with my audiences my personal experience at school: In my classes I was being given an amazing opportunity… In Science class I could feel what it felt like to BE a Physicist, in Math a Mathematician, in English a Poet etc. So when the list for the school sports day came around for us students to put our names down for an event I didn’t ask myself “how good am I at it” I simply experienced for a moment how it must feel to BE a fabulous athlete, had I taken the first option (I’m not very good at this) life would have take a different course… very different.

All I had to do was turn up on the day in order to take the first step as an athlete. There is not an athlete in this world who has not experienced defeat, frustration, pain of physical injury, embarrassment, solitude, fear etc. in short; all the things that we generally allow to stop us dead in our tracks. This is where the waking-self trips us up and brings us crashing down to fail at the thought of attempt. But to cast these aside, to BE the athlete, to BE IN the dream, to at least begin to attempt your waking dream is what makes the heart beat a little faster, for me at least it is what turns life into living.

So don’t allow ‘what we’re good at’ to determine our future, but be in the dream and with the necessary hard work, dedication and practice the dream will build you.

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