Do one thing everyday that scares you

I’m a believer in doing things that scare us as a way of finding out who we can become.

One of the first speeches I gave was to Westlake Girls I was not a comfortable speaker, it seemed the opposite to fun and the process scared me greatly. But I knew this was an OPPORTUNIY to embrace a passion for writing and telling stories, I enjoyed the thought of performing and was wanting to do something awesome with my life.

Between agreeing to do the speech and giving it I had got an awful flu, I was doing all that I could to get better and went on to give the speech which was going pretty well until about half way through when I felt an almighty sneeze coming on. I was doing all I could to keep speaking and not sneeze which was not very pretty and very difficult, in my case it was impossible. Because all of a sudden my nose exploded, snot everywhere!!! My hanky, not in my pocket but underneath a note at home that said “Cam! Do not forget you hanky”. I was in a moment of dilemma with the girls of the audience really not sure what to do. Then I hear my manager (Dean Flyger) walking up on stage behind me, not with a hanky, not with a tissue, but his very own shirt for me to blow my nose on. So I did.

They say that support is the foundation to success and I’d say that allowing someone to blow their nose one your shirt is the ultimate in support. 12 years on from the nose explosion I not only enjoy speaking but love it, it’s my Full-time lifestyle taking me throughout New Zealand and more and more the world.

So what scares you that in over-coming it could significantly enhance your career, your lifestyle?  You could get there through identifying:

  1. What are your strengths? Spend the time focusing on what you can do, not what you can’t – writing and story telling were mine.
  2. What makes you different? The pink elephant in the room / the things that make you unique are your greatest assets – promote them with pride
  3. Find your mentors. These people can be formally introduced via a program, they can be read about, followed through Social Media, or sitting at the end of a phone number you have – embrace what they have through inspiring them with your dream.

A life with no regrets sometimes means stepping outside our comfort zones.

Enjoy the journey.

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